Running the setup

The setup is very quick but can ONLY be done by an "Admin" of the server.
  • Go to the channel you wish to use for "Counting"
  • Enter the following command as you would if you want to send a message
    • /setup
    You will be presented with 3 options
First select "counting_channel"
  • Find and select your count channel:
Next select "can_count_role"
  • Find and select your "Can Count" role:
Next select "can_not_count_role"
  • Find and select your "Can Not Count" role:
Once you have entered and selected all information it should looks similiar to this:
  • Hit enter on your keyboard to send the message to the server.
    • Make sure you do NOT mix up the fields, if you do the bot will NOT work correctly
    • If you feel that you may have mixed up the roles, just run the /setup command again and it will over write the fields in the database
  • When you have successfully registered the information you will get an embed that looks similar to this.