Invite the bot

  • When you click the link you will have a window open with the above selection option.
  • Click the drop down menu and select the server you would like to add the bot to.
  • Make sure that your server appears in the selection area.
  • Click continue.
This window will let you know what permissions the bot will require to work correctly. Let's break down these permissions so you understand why the bot requires these.
  • "Read Messages"
    • Required so that the bot is able to detect when a user is "counting"
  • "Message Events"
    • This also has to do with knowing when a person is counting and sending a message
  • "Send Messages"
    • The bot requires this so that it can send messages back and interact with the user that is "counting"
  • "Read Message History"
    • This was used more in the first version (unreleased to the public) but is still used as a backup to ensure that the counting is done in the correct order
  • "Mention @everyone, @here and All Roles"
    • The bot will mention a user if they "screw up" the count or meet a specific requirement
  • "Add Reaction"
    • When the bot detects that a user and correctly or incorrectly counted the bot will return a reaction to indicate that the input has been received.
Once you understand and are comfortable with these roles click authorize
Quickly prove that you are human
If you see this image the bot has been successfully added to your server!