You will need to complete the following steps prior to running the setup.
  • Open up discord and go into the server you just invited the bot to.
    • If you have verification or other gatekeeping bots you may not see the bot yet. Please make sure that you apply any "verified" role that you gatekeeper bot applies
If you have an issue with this step please visit our support discord server
Create your "Count++" channel
  • Create a "Count with us"... "Counting"... etc channel
  • Next In the top left click the down arrow next to your server name:
  • Click "Server Settings" and go down then click to "Roles"
    • If you have not created the two roles needed for the bot please create the following:
      • A role for when someone counts correctly ie "Can Count"
      • A role for when someone does NOT count correctly ie "Can't Count"
Once you have completed that you are ready to move to the next step!